Alex Eagle
Alex Eagle
We used Rhyme to do live hands-on sessions of Bazel to about 130 concurrent users. We achieved almost 100% engagement from all our learners for the entirety of a 1-hour long session. The session would have failed without Rhyme.

How Rhyme Works

Rhyme runs completely from the web browser. No plugins needed

Custom cloud desktop accessed in browser

Instructors teach Windows, Linux, or web apps through a browser
All relevant software and data is preconfigured on the cloud desktops
Learners don't need to set up or configure anything

Thousands of concurrent learners

Instructors can train thousands of concurrent learners
Or, collaborate with just a single learner
Training can be live or pre-recorded

Learners interact with real software

Learners watch and follow visual instructions
They can ask questions of instructors or each other
They can complete hands-on challenges to illustrate mastery

Instructors monitor learners in real time

Instructors optionally monitor learners in real time
They can take control of learners' cloud desktops
And optionally assign monitoring to a teaching assistant